Don't just take our word for it, here's what past Workshop attendees had to say...
Chris Cannon, Motivational Speaker and Empowerment Coach 
"Raving Fans For Life Workshop is an absolute must attend, if you want to stay in business over these next few years and beyond. People require more than they did a few years ago and having good customers is just not good enough anymore!!! Tom shows you the step-by-step process to attract and convert good customers, into Raving Fans and promote your business for life. This is not over hyped emotions being communicated, this is straight facts that you can verify for yourself, if you attend the training!!!"
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Jane Warr, CEO of Selling on the Spot Marketplace, Sales Trainer, Collaboration Expert, Media Trainer, International Speaker
"Tom's Raving Fans workshop is fantastic! It covered so much more than I expected and lots of specifics were given. Thank you, Tom!"
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Walt Goshert Empty Pipeline? Build Your LinkedIn Client ATTRACTION Engine | Earn Trust and WIN More "Perfect Fit" Clients in 17 Minutes a Day
"I attended Tom's Raving Fans For Life Workshop: It was the best $27 investment I ever made.

Tom presented 4 solid hours of referral strategies and tactics you can use to grow your business immediately.
Your eyes will be opened to how simple and easy these tactics are, and you'll learn how to get referrals to grow your business that you have never heard about before."
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EG Orren, Content & Marketing Strategist | helping small business eliminate online overwhelm to turn their passion into paychecks
"Tom's Raving Fans for Life workshop has made me a raving fan.

At first I was surprised hearing he'd spent his career building business without going down the ad budget and algorithm rabbit holes. But once he started breaking things down, I was stunned.

There were SO MANY easy-to-implement takeaways from the session, I honestly lost track. And I was never left wondering, "will this work for me?" Even something that would seem completely irrelevant to my business, Tom was able to plant ideas on how they can work for me.

I'd highly recommend plugging into Tom's training, unless of course, you don't want the free word-of-mouth advertising to attract better leads and increase revenue for your business."

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Anthony Warren, Business Owner, Coach, Multiple Streams of Income Mentor
"I want to just report back on a Workshop I just attended called Raving Fans for Life. We all know that the secret of success in business is generating word of mouth recommendation and managing it properly. This online seminar does deep dive into all that and show the ways that it needs to be done, and what needs to change in terms of attitude, implementation and systems and shows you how to be effective on your business which increases revenue by hundreds of thousands within just a 6-month period. I wish I'd had this when I started back 25 years ago. For those are starting out in new directions I think is a wonderful place to get going towards the kind of mega success the ambitious want. Thoroughly recommended."
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JoAnna Brandi, Certified Chief Happiness Officer
"Wow! Wow! Wow! I just got off the "Raving Fans For Life" Workshop with Tom Matzen and Simon Hedley. It was a commitment (4 hours) to make for sure, and worth ever second of it. I'm not sure I've ever seen SO MUCH VALUE packed into a class. I started my career in direct marketing and went from their to being a teacher myself in the area of customer care and customer loyalty. This brought me back to my roots (Lifetime Value of a Customer) and then blasted me into space. Tom started by telling us all to ask one question about everything he taught, "How does this apply to me?" Great advice! It helped open up my thinking wider than it's been opened in a long time. If you are looking to build your business with referrals and expand your thinking about what's possible all while enjoying Tom's contagious joy and enthusiasm - take this workshop! Thanks Tom and Simon!"
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Ron Everett, Business Valuation Expert for the Innovation Economy
"As a business owner, I have participated in several of Tom's programs , the most recent being his Raving Fans For Life Workshop. I have found over the years that Tom's advice and guidance about business building strategies and techniques are right on target. Most importantly, he is very willing to share the risk and invest his energy with both "Do It For You" and "Do It With You" service offerings, combined with a meaningful guarantee, which makes the decision to go with Tom a real "no brainer"." 
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Crystal G. Morrison, Ph.D.  Executive Advisor & Strategist | Accomplished Scientist & Leader | Founder & Tech Entrepreneur | TEDxer
"Really enjoyed Tom's Raving Fans workshop with Simon Hedley. Very engaging and an excellent use of time. I appreciated lots of examples as we learned about the 3 critical steps for creating raving fans. I highly recommend the workshop to other entrepreneurs and business owners."

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Allison Pearson, Owner, Stress Free Groomer
"Tom is an enthusiastic person and a great communicator who I found through from a mutual acquaintance, and his new Program - Raving Fans For Life!
What was I expecting from this? Probably not much, I have done several programs with different people over time and they never give you anything worth while its all about selling you the next big thing.
Boy was I wrong - I got so much GREAT information from the workshop! Tom was really great at explaining things and getting you involved it was a pleasant surprise to actually to come away with pages of notes to implement.
Don't get me wrong there is a next stage and I was so overwhelmed with the presentation that I jumped at the chance to work with Tom and that doesn't happen often I normally mull things over and over, but I am so excited to be taking this next stage.
So anyone wanting to take their business to the next level, get better customers, repeat customers, YOU NEED to jump on this now."
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And Here's What Others Say About The Power And Impact Of Raving Fans...
Tony Robbins
The core strategy behind any supreme organization, any company which truly surpasses its competition and creates massive customer loyalty, is to anticipate and meet customer needs in a way that no one else is. These are the companies who know how to create raving fans.
Seth Godin
It's foolish to expect that one exposure to your message will instantly convert someone from stranger to raving ideavirus-spreading fan. So plan on a process. Plan on a method that takes people from where they are to where you want them to go.
Ken Blanchard
Your customers are only satisfied because their expectations are so low and because no one else is doing better. Just having satisfied customers isn't good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create Raving Fans.
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