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- Simon and Tom
Give Us Six Months, We'll Help You Double Your Sales and Build Your Ravings Fans, Guaranteed.
This is the place to apply to join us for the Raving Fans For Life Bootcamp. As mentioned in the Workshop, your investment for this Bootcamp is $25,000, with 25% down and everything else links to your results!!

Today, all you need to to is apply with a $1250 non-refundable deposit. Then we'll meet and discuss to make sure you're a good fit for this Bootcamp. If so, you pay the balance (or enter into a payment plan). If we don't think you'd be a good fit right now, we'll let you know (and send back your Application Fee).

Super excited to serve and support you, and help you build your first or next fifty Raving Fans.

Simon and Tom

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Please note applying does not guarantee acceptance. We want to meet with you and make sure we can help you get the results you desire. If we don't accept you, we will refund your Application Fee, of course.
Rich Schefren, Owner, Strategic Profits
Tom is someone I've known for quite a long time. He's been in the game of entrepreneurship for 37 years, he's had 80 plus businesses. He's made millions, he's lost millions, and he's made them again. 
So he really comes from the school of hard knocks, he's the real deal. He's worked with Jay Abraham and I on different activities that we had in the past.
Cloris Kylie, Bestselling Author of

Beyond Influencer Marketing

Tom is a strategic thinker and savvy entrepreneur, but also someone whose first priority is to deliver value to those around him.
That's why he's able to help his clients scale their business in ways they never imagined.
Because of those results, and because I truly resonate with Tom's approach and values, it's a pleasure to recommend his programs and services.
Dr. Paul Thind, Author and Consultant
I have known Simon for over a decade. We met when he joined ABN AMRO Bank when I worked there as Head of New Product Development. Simon joined the front office team of Retail Trading and Structuring. I left ABN AMRO in September 2007 and we have remained as friends since. Simon has many skills, encompassing technology, communications and innovation.
Simon gives honest advice and is helpful with 'out of the box' thinking. Simon can give valuable inputs on many different projects across the technology spectrum.
Lynn Rose, Media Entrepreneur * ABC/FOX/SONY * Founder/CEO, WOWMAKER
Simon blew me away with the degree to which he followed through on what he said he'd do.

He had brilliant ideas on how to extend the concept of our project we'd been working on (which excited and impressed me) AND, he came to the rescue while we were having horrendous troubles with our web guys and looking like we might miss a crucial deadline, Simon calmly stepped in and made it happen effortlessly.

There's no doubt that Simon is filled with brilliance, clear ideas and brimming with passion. Best part is, when he says he will get something done, he does. And THAT is a rare commodity in this world.

I have much thanks in my heart for Simon and what he's done for us.

Your Access Includes:
  • Full Three Day Raving Fans For Life Bootcamp With A Full Day On Earning The Right, Asking, and Recognizing & Rewarding Your Clients, Value $15,000;
  • Templates and Checklists for Each Tool, Strategy and Technique;
  • Twelve Months Unlimited Coaching and Support from Tom and Simon personally, Value $25,000;
  • A full workshop on Creating A Risk Reversal Offer to help you accelerate your ability to inspire referrals to work with you at a deeper level (Value $5,000);
  • A full workshop on Selling Your High Ticket Offer to help you screen and qualify rather than pitch and pursue, leading to better clients and a higher conversion rate (Value $5,000);
  • A full workshop on Listing Building Without A Site Or A List to help you use other people's websites to build your list, easily, simply and without spending a dime (Value $5,000);
  • Bonus #01 - Done For You Referral Envelope System, including restaurant negotiation and entire envelope printer ready for you, Value $5,000;
  • Bonus #02 - Done For You Rack Card System, including one thousand rack cards and ten racks, ready to place for you, Value $10,000;
  • Bonus #03 - Done For You Frequent Buyer Program, either electronic or physical, depending on your needs. Value $2,500;
  • Bonus #04 - Done For You Reward Luncheon Program. Great to recognize, reward and enrich your clients lives. Value $25,000;
  • Bonus #05 - First 20 Clients Only - Done For You Ambassador Program!! We will create your entire customized Ambassador Program for you and your business.  Value $25,000;
  • Bonus #06 - In Workshop Action Taker Super Bonus - Done For You Referral Program!! We will create your entire customized Referral Program for you and your business. Plus we will tap into our deep "rolodex" and personally introduce you to at least Ten Amazing Potential Partners. Value $50,000;
  • Total Value: $172,500.
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You pay 25% up front, then $6,250 when you earn your first $50,000, and then the balance of $12,500 once you generate Two Hundred Fifty Thousand USD in sales generated from the strategies, techniques and connections we will help you with. That's how convinced we are, that if we accept you, you will get results. We guarantee it. No fine print. :-)
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